I was 17 when I got prego with my daughter. Out of the 36 girls from my HS that got pregnant that year, I was the only one who had my sh** together ( When the social worker called me to her office, I had my engagement ring on, was signed up for WIC, had insurance, had most of the baby stuff we needed, and I was only 2 months along.)

I'm only 23, but sometimes I feel a lot older. I look at some of our friends who are my age or older, and they still act like teenagers. Even the ones who have kids- like our old roommates friend who taught her son to say sh**- it was his first word. They actually stand around, make him say it, and laugh, and she's 4 years older than me!

I am the baby of my family. By 14 years. Mom was 43 when she had me. My brother graduated HS the year I was born. My sister the year after that. Maybe I grew up faster because I was around older siblings most of the time. Maybe I grew up faster because Mom hit menopause when I hit puberty. I learned real quick to walk on eggshells, and Mom's crying was just hormones, not because of me.

Could it be because Daddy was retired Air Force, and he ran the house as if he was still a CMSgt. It doesn't really matter what happened in my life to make me feel so much older. I just do. All I know is that I'm going to recapture my 'lost childhood' by having the time of my life with my kids.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:47 PM i'm 21 and feal 30 i had to grow up alot faster than i should have i was on my own at 13 my mom was more into her boyfriend and he didn't want kids so neither did she she was still trying to grow up it took her 45 years to axually do that  but i don't regreat any of it i'm smarter and stronger today because of it

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