Question: What is the best time to have alone time?


Early Morning(If you can get up that early)

Lunch Time(While cramming food down your face)

Right after supper(In between dishes, homework, and baths)

When everyone is in bed(And you're about to fall asleep standing up)

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Well, it's ten at night, everyone in my house is asleep, Thank God, and I can now sit down, without any interruptions. That doesn't happen to often in my house.

My husband went to the doctor today, finally, after having a near stroke because of his elevated blood pressure. Everything checked out good, except for the BP of course, so they gave him a diuretic(pee pill), and he is good to go. And go, and go, and go. Teaches him a lesson.

I started a new group. Not exactly sure how well it will do, but I will try. It's called The Wannabe Writers Club, for us wannabes who need to get off our butts and become ares. If that makes any sense at all. At ten at night after a long day's work, it kinda all runs together. Anyway, if you want to join, Great! If not, that's OK, we didn't need you anyway. HaHa. O Boy, I need to go to bed.

I think that I will go NightNight now. Everyone else gets to, why not me. (I'm a mother, that's why.)

Good night, ladies.


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