July 8, 2004 was the worst day of my life.  My 14 year old son got on a neighbor's trampoline and attempted a double front tuck.  Something he had accomplished in the past on his own trampoline before it broke and got thrown away.   It was the summer he turned 14. The summer of pitching for his baseball that he has played every year since he was four years old!  Playing football, basketball and on a select soccer team.  We were very busy and loving every minute of it!

That double front tuck took all that away from me and left me with a boy whos neck was crushed in 4 places.  A scared young boy who's unable to move a muscle from the neck down. People coming out of their houses all around me.  Some talking to me to calm me down, some calming him down  "Mom I am I going to die?" he asks me "NO son you will be fine lie perfectly still.  BRIAN CALL 911 CJ CAN'T MOVE! "  Here they come, fire engines, police and an ambulance in our little 2 road subdivision.  How DID they get him off that trampoline without killing him? By the grace of God I think. The break was at C3 and he lay in the very center of it.

The EMT's were really nice, they got me together enough to load me into the ambulance with my purse.  We hit every green lite and was at TC Thompson's Childrens' Hospital in record time. Policemen met us at the state border and escorted us to the ER.  I watched the nurses and doctors cut my sons clothes off of him.  His favorite shirt and shorts. They put a halo on his head with weights to keep his spine straight and relieve pressure.   We were there all night and unable to reach his father (As usual. It was 2 days before he found out.) The doctor told me he would never move again, his spinal cord was severely damaged. He would be on a ventilator (never was) and that he would have to wear the halo after the surgery for months (that didn't happen either).

The fucking neurosurgeon told my baby that he would never walk again BEFORE he came to us with this good news.  Mother fucker!  You don't tell a child that! It was too soon to know!  God help me!  Why did I not save his cord blood!!!!

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Nov. 23, 2008 at 11:49 PM

I am so sorry.  I can't imagine the pain of going through that.  I've got two little boys ages 2 and 4.  My 2 year old is so adventurous.  He climbs everything and then leaps off of it.  He copies his older brother in everything he does and I always pray that he doesn't injure himself doing it.  You are so strong to be going through this.  I know it's been tough, but you will come through it.

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