So thing's are going good here. I will be 23 weeks pregnant on Wed. I can't believe how fast it's going by. With Laura it seemed to creep by so slowly. This time I it's like I almost don't have time to think about my pregnancy lol. I am so busy with Nicholas and Laura that my day's go by extremely fast. I feel like I just found out I was pregnant...and now here I am almost at the end!! I am so happy being pregnant. I find myself more confident when I am pregnant. I don't know why...I just do. I have almost everything I NEED for the baby. I have a bunch of clothes already, and I am sure I will buy a bunch more before the baby arrives. I will be nursing so no bottles needed. I have the high chair, the swing, the crib, the walker, the bouncer and the bassinett from Laura. So all I need is a new carseat...which is on my registry, diapers, and a few odds and ends.
Nicholas is leaving to visit his damn birth mom on Wed. I hate it. I won't lie. I hate when he is there. She never has him call us...even when he asks, and when we call him (which I call him a couple times a week when he is there) he is always around her and she makes it a point to be extremely loud. It's annoying. He is there for too long in my opinion...but the court rules over me I guess. I have been raising him since he was 3. He will be 9 in October and I think of him as my biological child...he think's of me as his mom. I am all he really remember's and she is almost like the step mom in our situation. She only get's to see him during summer break and for about 6 or so weeks. Like I said...I hate it. It is hard for me to let him go there. It break's Laura's heart to see him go. When he get's back he has all these terrible habits that we don't like and we have to try to break those ALL over again. She allows him to go days without a bath resulting in him coming home EVERY time with ringworm. I'm not kidding...every time. He will be home at the end of July....a few week's before school starts, so I can get him back into the groove of thing's around here, and get school clothes. I wish he didn't have to go. I wish she would just sign over her rights.
Laura is doing good, she has been doing her gymnastics class for 5 month's now. She has an award ceremony and little show to participate in on Thursday. I'm sad that her big brother won't be here to see it. Anyways, I am so proud of her. She has really grown from this class. Me and Nick, my mom and maybe my brother's will go to her show. She is super excited, especially about getting an award lol. I will take ton's of pic's and post them for you all to see. I can't believe in December she will be 3. SIGH>>>>> I just am shocked with how time really goes by so fast.
Nick and I are doing good too. We have been so busy with the kid's lately..but he took me to see the sex and the city movie a couple night's ago...which by the way was amazing. I want to see it again. We have been so involved with the kid's and the pregnancy that at the end of the day we are exhasted and just want to lay together and watch a movie or something. There hasn't been any kind of questioning or suspicions going on from him. It's been so nice to just be. To just live and not worry about the next time he question's any little thing I do, and the a fight coming from it. We've been in a really good place. A comfortable place, and I like it. I get up and go to bed knowing we are both happy. And that makes life so much easier. He is so excited about the baby coming...I love that. He rubs my belly every he calls me big belly princess haha.
A couple weekend's ago we had my brother and his girlfriend stay with us for a few day's. She is living in Cali and comes back to visit June 24th or brother asked if they could stay here again and I said of course. He is 18 and living at home with our parents still so you all know how that is. My parents feel its inappropriate for them to be sleeping in the same bed together in their house. I don't have those same rules. As long as they are both 18 I am fine with it.I remember how I felt at that age living with them. I moved out at 18 and finally was able to breath. It's hard being that age anyways. Well my brother plans to move to cali to get an apartment with her and start a life. I am sad. I will miss him so much. I am getting chocked up thinking about it. We are close. We became very close after I moved out. After my parents couldn't control every little thing I did. He began staying weekends at my house and is so close with Nick now. We love him and would do anything in the world for him. I have known his girlfriend for I'd say a year and a half...but really just known about her and what type of girl she is. After she stayed at my house I got to know her a bit better. He loves her I do too. My brother has only told me and a few of his friends about his plans to go to cali. His friends don't support him. I am all he has that is behind him. I told him I will always be here for him and his girlfriend and if they ever needed help with money or anything I would help him if I could. He wants us to move to cali soon so we can still see him all the time...and to be honest I wish we could. But we are military and you can't just ask to move somewhere. Now Nick can ask to move to cali and put in for it...but they might move us to London instead. So it's a risk. I'd love to move there though. Hopefully one day we will. He is head over heals for this girl. Completely in a trans for her. I hope she is the same for him. I don't want him to be hurt by her. Especially since he is willing to MOVE for her. Like I said...I will miss him. It hurts me to think about him being away. He is at my house all the time. He knows if he had no place to go he'd be able to live with me. If my parents went nuts and kicked him out...he wouldn't think twice...he would know to come here. This is like his house. I've made sure he has felt welcome here. What's funny is I am not as close with my other younger brother who is 11. I didn't get to grow up with him it's different.
Anyways, I just had to get all that stuff foot is falling asleep now so I am sure all of you are being put to sleep by this too haha. Anyways, I will update you all within the next month :)

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 3:52 PM

I'm glad everything is going well. Time does fly by, huh? I'm thrilled that you said you'll be nursing-- can you see me beaming? LMAO

We are officially TTC since I just started my first real period in 2 years  :)  Send me BABY DUST, Kristin!!!!

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