okay, my mom has been with this asshole for like 3 years now and has done nothing but, share her beautiful house, acre of land, her car, help get his business up an running, be the secretary and much more for this guy. now, the guy has tried killing her by choken her and grabbing the wheel while she's driven an beating the living crap out of her. he beats her and verbally abuses her. says he fucking hates her but, she will not leave him! she says that she is going to but,... never does! the guy is a drunk, drugy, loser and my mom could do better but, for some reason refuses to do so. i have called the cop's a hand full of times because of what he has been doing to my mom but, they won't do anything unless she presses charges on him. she hides the marks he leaves! not to menchin this guy did time in prison for stachitory rape before he was with her. he didn't tell her. she found out through her friend looking it up! the guy has no respect at all for my mom and tells her to her face that he hates her fucking guts! mind you the guy had nothing, he was in a facility for rehabilitaten acoholic and drug place. my mom helped build him up an asked for nothing but, love from him. here's one for you, she went out an spent $50 on a vaccumm cleaner and he bitched her out for it. he went out with $50 and bought crack with it- come to find out he was so drunk he bought soap! he didn't know till the next day! but, the work she does, she earns no money there and she can not spend any of the money but,... on bill's! if that because he drinks so much an goes through smokes like fucking paper. i am sorry for my language, i am pissed that my mom feels she has to deal with this piece of shit! not only that shit has occured, my brother -in-law is in iraq fighting for our country an other's rights, this fucking loser of a so called man chances my sister down the fucking drive way, threaten to hit her! if my brother in law were here for that, there wouldn't be nothing left of the guy! i was prego at the time so there wasn't much i could do! my sister called the cop's but, there wasn't anything they'd do about what he did to her>.<; i ain't the type to screw around when it comes to my family, i ain't prego anymore, i have chased a fucking theif away from my sister's house with a crow bar. i don't play nice, just i have my family now to look after as well an setting behind bars ain't gonna get me far there either! my mom calls me crying just about every other night because of this guy and now, refuses to tell me if he has hit her or not! hey, she knows i'll hurt the fucker! i just don't know what to do an i don't know what to say to her anymore because i can talk to her till i am blue in the face but,... it's like she isn't listen! any advice? there's more to this all but, it'd take me forever to explane, i am worried for my mom and don't know what to do;.;!


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Jun. 3, 2008 at 9:51 AM Beat his ass up!!! If she is scared she needs to RUN!! press charges on him and u need to help her defend herself have you seen the movie ENOUGH starting Jennifer LOpez its a good movie ....she needs to sit n pay attention on it i was in an abusing relationsship n jnow i foud a good guy andf the loser no where to be found!! Trust me she needs ya before that ass hurts her more

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