Every now and again, when my moods are level (which I would love to happen more), I have one of the days that I had today. 

Everything went so well.  It wasn't that the girls were easier to handle or that life was easier today than any other day, it was how I handled it as a mama.  I had so much fun, I got alot done, most importantly though I took time to play and to read.  I held both my girls and Emma and I had such a heart to heart before bed tonight.  It was so awesome.

I took the dogs on an amazing, long walk.  I folded all the laundry that has been piling, I kept the dishes done, I made supper, and I was a great mommy today and I had such a great time doing it.  It was still stressful but I kept my cool.

I want more days like this.  Days like this make me believe that I can do this.  I can be a great mommy and a great wife.  It also opens up the possibility that if we decide we do want another baby that our lives aren't so crazy that we don't think we could handle it. 

Here's to tomorrow being just like today!!

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