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I have always been an avid reader. I devour anything that catches my attention. However not everything does, I like a story that keeps me hanging on, that gives me a place to imagine and a place to recreate in my mind. When I was young my mom got me the whole Little House series from the school book fair. I was hooked, forget all about me if I had one of those books in my hand. I was instantly on the plains, in my dress, running through fields, going fishing, making tack candy with ma and pa. I loved the series on Tv as well but not as much as I loved the books.. As I got older I found myself still drawn back to the books. I love old time stuff, as much as I like the internet and all of my friends I could read all day an d night, ask my hubby lol.  I am still a voracious reader, I love to get lost in an intersting book though lately my tastes have been more in the biblical venue lately. but yeah I still love Little House on the prairie.

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