I used to get real frustrated,to tears,I'd holler,give chances after chances and finally they'd get a whoopin.Did no good.They'd keep on doing it.They ran over me,nothing I did worked.Nothing.My hubby said I was too lenient.I didn't think so at the time.I spanked All the time to no avail.Then I read something that got my full attention.I was looking around the web and found this site,No greater Joy.It said that the mother has the bad attitude.The child is only imitating what they see.That stopped me in my tracks and was like WHAT?
As I read on,it began to really make sense and that it definitely applied to me.I cried my eyes out.I realied then how wrong I was toward my kids.
I stopped giving chances period.I tell my boys one time,no matter hat it is or what I'm doing,if it burns,oh well.,If they don't do it,they will get a spanking right then and there,no in a minute etc.First time I did that,My boys were like,what is going on,Mama always waits until she breaks to spank us.They realized that after a day or so,that Mama means business.I can't get away with it no more etc.They have been alot better,there are times they need reminding but I don't have to spank as much,I'm alot happier and nowhere as frustrated as before.I will admit to getting tired and want to just give in,but I remind myself,do I want to go back to the way it was and waste the effort I put in or do I want to remain consistent no matter what I feel or what I am doing at the moment? I know this may seem harsh,but it is what it is taking to regain control in my household.I should be the one fixin this or that,not the kids.They go by what they see,actions do speak louder than words.I've learned to follow thru with my threats at all times.For me,it has worked.They are far from perfect and don't expect them to be nor myself.Just learned that hollerin and giving chances is the lazy way out of doing what is right.I hope this experience has helped someone.My boys are extremely rowdy and I know in my heart that I am doing what is right.Autumn

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