Well our first try did not turn out so well and we backed out and disrupted an adoption we felt it in the best interest of all he was 15 and ADHD refused his meds and we just quite frankly were not prepared to deal with the everyday stress of getting a teen to take his meds we originally wanted girls still do we have heard nothing from the agency scc for another match so I have inquired about another child a girl and now the wait begins again lets see how this one goes these people really gave us a hard time the last go round always losing the paper work we had to do our lifescan over I mean it was always something sometimes we wonder do they really want to find these kids a forever family then why do they make the process so hard and the wait for a match so long the system really sucks I know there has to be a better way for these children to get into good loving homes and the system quit jerking these kids from foster home to foster home sorry had to vent a little.........I mean come on these kids deserve better don't ya think.........

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:49 AM

Oh my...what a heartbreaking ordeal! Keep trying, God a perfect little someone just for you. Yes, the system needs a major overhaul, but most of their employees are already overworked and under paid, who has time to revamp the system, ya know? We just have to do our best and let God do the rest...He loves those little kiddos more than we ever could! Be patient, your little one will arrive right on time! Keep us posted on your progress, OK?



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Jun. 4, 2008 at 10:48 AM

When my husband and I finally turned it over to God... we could sit back and relax.... It will happen.  Not when we want it to , but when he wants it too.  I know that stinks... i know!!  We (god and I ) have had a few heated conversations about such things.  I know that it is hard,  just let it go and leave it up to him.  Days will turn into weeks and soon you will have that family that you are suppose to have. 

Take care of yourself....  get some rest now,   cause when the kids come...OH BOY!!!  LOL

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