Well today Sissy and I went down to the city....girl time...SHOPPING!!!! I spend some time with my brother Atheil. Chris, Gabe, and Chris' mom hung out together doing things. They played the game...like always and of course went on their regular bike ride. Chris told me that they went to the park and Gabe got to hang out with his cousin River. Which is nice but I am not to fond of him...just because I think he just uses Gabe. Little Gabe likes to play with River and always wants him to come over but once River gets over here all he wants to do is play with Gabe's cool toys but not Gabe. He will even go in a different room!! It make me so mad because I don't like to see my son get used and treated like that. However, we still want him to have a relationship. So they all went to the park and rode their bikes. Grandma (Chris' mom) took them to eat at McDonald's right before Gabe had to go home. They thought that they would be a lil late but made it just on time. Chris told me that he couldn't believe what happened when he got there. Apparently Grace (Gabe's lil sister) was at the door and when Gabe got out Chris waved bye like always....Well Grace decided she was going to wave too..lol. So the next thing Chris sees is two arms yanking this 18 month old little girl by her arms away from the door. I guess he got mad that his little girl was waving at Honey. What good are the teaching her. I wonder what they will be filling her head up with. Anyways, I got sissy some clothes and I got her a little pink car that she sits in while I push her. When we got it put together...easy....we took put her in it and took her for a little walk around the house and then outside down the sidewalk. She was so excited and happy that she was waving her arms around and had the biggest smile on her face. She couldn't even scream she was so excited until she yelped out a little joy screech. I can't wait to talke her for a walk tomorrow. I got her a bunch of cute outfits. I can't believe that she is already wearing 12 month. My nephew will be a year old in one week....MY MY HOW TIME CAN FLY!!! Well that is all for tonight. I'm going to bed.

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