here is a list of top selling products for last month incase you do like one of these you will know that others have as well:

top 5 candle items;
1. summer tealight sample
2. summer mini barrel jar
3. sunrise layered slim hurrican bestburn jar
4. aroma melts tealight sampler
5. candle set/ strawberry fields

top 5 accessories
1. dolpin aroma melts warmer
2. global fusion hurrican
3. garden lites aroma melts warmer
4. frog prince votive holder
5. global fusion votive holder

top 5 home scents
1. seaside mist reed diffuser
2. strawberry feilds reed diffuser
3. unwind liner spary
4. unwind reed diffuser
5. vanilla peach reed diffuser

top 5 personal care
1. hand therapy and instant manicure
2. hand and body soap
3. hand therapy
4. acai berry mist body butter
5. acai berry mist body butter and sugar body scrub set

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