On top of the fact that today was my b/f's daughter's 17th birthday and she and I still have not had a talk over what I did that pissed her off, I now have to deal with his eye surgery! He found out on Friday he has a detached retina and they told him he was to have surgery today. I took off from work, which is hard because I won the business, then they say we have to come back tomorrow for the surgery and again on Wednesday for a Dr visit. I am losing 3 days this week!! Help!!! I wonder how we'll make it this month!

Plus when we went over to see the birthday girl, she was watching "Shall We Dance". I thought, "wow, I haven't watched that in a long time" So when I got home I went to put it in, it was my copy she was watching and when I said something, he got indignant that she wouldn't take it without asking! that must be the same as with the make up that turned up missing, or my cats are wearing it now. I know she has taken things of mine and I can't even voice it. And her mom makes 3 times what I make and cries poverty. I am so frustrated I am ready to kill. I have even thought about telling him we need some time off from each other. We have lived together for 2 years and it gets worse with the ex and kid. His ex actually walked into my apartment last week, and all he did was laugh when I complained about it.Okay, I think I am done venting, for now anyway!!!

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