Hi all! I have recently found out some very disturbing information that I was seriously not aware of and I figure there are probably a lot of other people that don't know about what I am going to tell you. I know this is a long post, but please read, take a break even, but finish this post! Here it is:

There is no requirement in Federal law that products be tested for safety before being sold!!!! (I honestly thought that was what the FDA was about)

The FDA cannot require recalls of harmful personal care products from the marketplace. (US Food and Drug Administration, FDA authority over Cosmetics Fact Sheet)

NO LAW requires the manufacturers to list the exact ingredients on the package label. (Debra Lynn Dadd, Home Safe Home 1997)

A product that kills FIFTY PERCENT of lab animals through ingestion or inhalation can still receive the regulatory designation "nontoxic" (Doris rapp, Is this Your Child's World)

Did you know that everyday products like dawn dish soap and Johnsons & Johnsons baby shampoo contains harmful toxins that could make you or your children sick? Here is a list of some of the harmful household products: Air freshenersMost air fresheners contain Formaldehyde or Phenol. Formaldehyde is highly toxic. Phenol can cause cold sweats, convulsions, coma and even death. When it comes into contact with your skin it can cause swelling, a burn, peeling skin or for it to even break out into hives.  BleachBleach is very dangerous. It can burn your skin and eyes.  Bleach when mixed with ammonia creates VERY toxic fumes. It can be deadly.  Dishwasher soap/ Dish soapMost dishwasher soap contains a very concentrated amount of chlorine.  This can poison your child. (Just think about all of the times you have done dishes with your child by your side or even let your child help you.) Mold and mildew cleanersThese are products you use to clean the bathtub and other places. These products contain hypochlorite. Hypochlorite will irritate or burn skin and the eyes. It may cause fluid in the lungs. They also contain Formaldehyde with causes nosebleeds, headaches, nausea, dizziness, memory loss and shortness of breath. (This explains a lot to me because when I used to clean the bath tub my nose would bleed.) Laundry soap and other productsMost laundry cleaners contain Sodium or calcium hypocrite which cause skin burns or irritate skin.   There are so many more common household products that contain harmful chemicals it’s hard to list them all. 

Ladies, if this bothers you like it did me let me know by sending a message my way and also viewing my web page



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