My name Aphrodite means the Goddess of Love and Beauty...imagine going through life and everyone expecting you to live up to that name...

As a child, it was more of a mockery of me, I was a cute and funny looking kid and other found this as an opportunity to give me funny nicknames. By my teenage years I've grown into my looks and  felt like a goddess and rightfully so looked like one...though feeling like one and trying to act like one are two separate things so I became very shy from all the attentions...

My dad told me he named me Aphrodite so that I will always remember I was a product of love... maybe this is a good time to mention that I am a lovechild.  My mom was the (married) mistress looking for excitement, and my dad was the married rich man with too much time on his hands.  Even though the relationship never worked out fully, he wanted me to know I was a product of love from two beautiful people no matter what... hence the name Aphrodite... as a result of my parents' adulterous...WOW...

When you're named after the goddess of love, how do you name your own child? If I am a goddess what's the next best thing...cupid? NO way!  His father and I figure a biblical name can top that but so many biblical name out there are so common and so used up and other just sounded lame (sorry my fellow church goers)... but we found Jadon...beautiful and simple with a powerful meaning.  God's prophet is the meaning behind the name... later we found out that the name was unique but carried by so many other children including Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith's son.  We were disappointed but found that only few spelled it as we his dad decided that the next big thing after a prophet would be a king so his middle name derived.... Akhenaten, however the we misspelled it to Akhenaton... the Egyptian pharaoh in the 14th Century BC best know for promoting monotheistic doesn't get any better than that...or those it?

Now my only concern is what I will name my next child because I can't go from extraordinary to ordinary...I have a lot to live up to....after all, I am a Greek goddess who conceived an Egyptian pharaoh who probably in his past life was one of God's prophets. ;)pregnant belly

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