I was just thinking, not really feeling sorry for my self but couldn't help but to notice that I did not get anything in my life that I wanted, when first planned my future, like : a house of my own, a nice car. a new couch, a WEDDING RING (married 22yrs)(no ring) modern furniture, stylish clothes, my teenage body, a basset hound puppy . Then I realized that I did get what I wanted most in life!!  I am married to the LOVE of my life, and he still winks at me, and kisses on me and tells me that he loves me more than  HE ever imagined loving another person, and I have 4 beautiful healthy amazing children, so in fact I came out the WINNER!! not a failure like I first thought. what are material things any way??  my bed is a captain king from the 80s, I still fall a sleep and wake up in it just as if it were a newer fancier one. and my 84 deluxe van seats everyone and is in great shape and paid for and ins. is only $35.oo a month. because I have no new furniture , I am not in debt. I only owe 2 vet bills. that's it .never had a credit card so no bad credit. and so what if buying the land to build the house we designed 20yrs ago is still on the list, why did I want to keep up with the Jone's'/?  they have it all granted but miserable,because they are still paying for it.  I have NOTHING and am so contented and happy.. it really is the little things in life that bring the greatest pleasure.. NOW as for the wedding "RING" my husband is not off the hook, I remind him that it is still a someday must have... I know a ring does not make a marriage, I'm  proof of that, its just  something I want. and am very willing to wait for it...

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 1:18 AM

I like the saying... we plan God laughs.... Its funny to think we can even "plan" our lives... when God already has the "plan".  I laugh as well... after all I am the tree-climbing  tom boy firefighter turned          MARY KAY Consultant...

I am blessed to have a friend like you! YOU are worth more than millions!




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Jun. 4, 2008 at 11:02 AM YOU are very blessed!!!

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 7:33 PM I am sorry  that you superwoman are not doing well......  I failed to mention the awful parts of my life,  I to have gone through cancer, died on the table 3x weird feeling.. had been told that I was only to live 6 more months while I am looking at my 6 week old baby-2yr d-6yr s- 9yr d-- and the man I loved with all my heart.. then radiation therapy( wouldn't wish that on a dog that bit me)  to buy 2 years of life,  that was 12 yrs ago, I am still here.  My lawyers lost my muti-million dollar law suit on a date that they messed up on.  I lost my job! and ability to work, I am suffering from Lymphoedema in my rt leg, it is grossly disfigured, weighs about 50lbs from the knee down.  I lost my small 1 acre I was buying from my aunt (on a hand shake) over greed, I only owed $25,000.00 more when she jumped the price another $200,000.00 because of house values jumping, so it was pay up or get thrown out,  I mean I spent 6years paying on this and she went to court and had me evicted!!! 4 years later and have not seen my $40,000.00.  I made the choice that I regret  to this day to stay and take care of my ailing parents, he has heart disease and she has MS and several personalities, and my 1984 club wagon needs$1,000.00 worth of work,,,  and I have my days when I wonder why did God save me against all odds??? I think its to appreciate what I have and to be here for my children . so I tuck away my anger of no longer getting to be cute and flirt with my man the way I wanted to  and run around with my kids,  no vacations because I can't travel due to all the damage to my system, and  just go everyday being thankful for what I do have, , Thats what I mean when I say funny how things turn out...... my prayers are with you, things will get better for you, be there for your children , everything else will fall into  place,   p.s maybe your husband panicked!! over your cancer and freaked!! I hope that he wakes up and realizes he made a big mistake

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