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As a very young child one of the first books my parents read to me was "The Little Engine That Could".  It was my absolute favorite book!  When I was not quite 3 years old, I read the book to my Grandma without missing a word.  My Grandma was very impressed until she realized I had turned the book upside down and was still reading!!  My parents read me the book so much I had memorized it word for word!!!!

In elementary school my favorite book was "Charlotte's Web".  I wanted to be Fern so badly!  I thought a pet pig was the coolest thing in the world, not to mention a spider who writes messages in her web and is friends with the pig!!  I think I did at least 3 book reports on that book while in elementary school.

In elementary and middle school I read and fell in love with the "Little House on the Prairie" books by Laura Ingles Wilder.  I was given the box set as a gift and read and reread each book many times.  I remember selling that set at a garage sale for $7 to an elementary school teacher for her classroom...wish I had never sold them and still had them.

In high-school I thrived in all my English classes and loved many of the assigned books to read.  Some of my favorites were "Macbeth", "The Importance of Being Ernest", Dante's "Inferno", and "A Doll's House".  For fun reading outside of school I looked back on childhood books and began to reread them and have a completely new and positive outlook on them.  One book in particular is "The Giving Tree".  I had been given this book as a gift from my Aunt and Uncle when I was 2.  By high-school it was well read and well worn.  The story meant so much more to me than just a tree and a boy as friends!  I saw the tree as several people, including my parents, God, and myself.  I also saw the boy as representing many people including myself and humankind in general.  This book remains on my bedside table and I  read it a least once a week.

As an adult I think the one book that has meant the most to me is "The Lovely Bones".  When I was 24 I had a good friend my age lose his fight against cancer.  This book has nothing to do with cancer, but it does have to do with death, heaven, mourning, and the after life.  My friend's mom recommended I read this book and I am so thankful that I did.

Of all the books I have read throughout my life, the person in a book that I admired is from a book I have not mentioned.  I admired Pippy Longstockings, from the book with the  same name.  I loved  tht Pippy was a little different and marched to her own drum, and was happier for it.  I wished I could be more like Pippy when I was a child instead of caring so much about what others thought of me.  I also liked that Pippy made friends because of her uniqueness, not despite it.  Okay, the whole sleeping with you head on the blanket and your feet on the pillow was cool, too, and yes, I did try to sleep that way ~~ got way to hot!! LOL 



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