** PHOTO HEAVY ** I babysit my cousin James a lot (he's my cousin's youngest son)  He is two years old, and he's such a tiny little guy (still wearing 6-9 month pants!)  He's a cutie though.  But he's still packing around a bottle, AHH!

He and Kami are really good buddies. 

I'm watching him over night tonight (and he's asleep it's Kami that's being the montser right now and is throwing a fit in her play pen not wanting to go to bed so I'm letting daddy deal with her, haha). 

Anyway, just wanted to share a few photos I took tonight of Kami and James playing. 

OH a CLOSER look at her teeth! Didn't even notice till now that I got ANOTHER pic of her teeth!

I was being watched....by TWO of them!

They actually fought over this chair....

The fighting begins...

elbow wars....

See the scratches under his eye?? Kami did that. She's viscious! She soooo totally did it on purpose too, they had been fighting over something earlier.

Cracking up over something totally silly that Kami did LOL She's such a card.

Kami trying to get away while James tells her to sit still

THe WINNER of the chair! KAMI!!!

See mom, MY chair (she never has wantd to sit in this chair till tonight.....till JAMES wanted in it)

Kisses from James (as she tries to push him away LOL)

Chillaxin in the chair


They fell off the tigger toy backwards after this pic was taken, Kami's butt was pushing James to the very edge and he lost his balance and fell off and took Kami down with him and she landed right on top of him and they both just LAUGHED about it.

Duuuude gimme that football James!

Little monkey's are under my desk!! (Seriously look at her and then him, doesn't she look HUGE?  I swear he's 2, and she's almost 9 months)

See the curls?? SHe loves her balls!

Sports fanatic....

Listening INTENTLY to the football....

Kicking the football

Kami and tigger

They have waaaaay toooo much fun together!! They crack me up though.  I can't wait to have two kids.  Sure my living room is a disastor...but it's soooo worth it. 

James's parents don't take many photos AT ALL and so James and his older brother Jake (who is 8 and is staying with his Grandma for the summer) So anytime I have the boys I take a BAZILLION photos so they have some pics when they are older. 

Their dad is a cousin to me through my dads side of the family.  He's like a 3rd cousin maybe?  He's my great aunts son?  I think that would be a 3rd cousin...anyway...he's the ONLY family I have in this town, and I only see him when he needs a sitter, and on the 4th of July at his moms house. 

My cousin is going through a LOT right now.  His wife is having a drinking problem and they are trying to get that taken care of.  They are both great people and Hubby and I love them both dearly along with both of the boys.  I absolutely ADORE the boys!! I've always babysat them and I love it!

OK sorry for blathering on just wanted to share pics!


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Jun. 3, 2008 at 1:32 AM My goodness those are so cute kids.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 1:38 AM Thanks!

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