One of our goats is sick.  She has had diarrhea since we got her.  Although she is eating and drinking... and gaining weight... she is still sick.

We need to take her to the vet... but my DH made a stupid mistake and mixed up out checking accounts... putting more in my account than his... and we had been using his debit card all weekend. There is a lot of things pending, but he transferred money over to his account this morning.  Hopefully, the money will go in first, cuz if not... we ar e gonna be in the negatives in the bill account...

I have company coming tomorrow, and I haven't done much housework today. My legs are hurting so bad, and I ran a slight fever all day.  That really worries me, because I haven't had a good checkup since before Rayne was born... and I have already had some cancerous spots removed once.  I hope it hasn't come back.  Luckily the first time, it wasn't full blown, just a few spots on my cervix... but I definately need to get it checked out with the bruising and stuff I have had here lately.

I hate for people to come over with my house not being clean.  I work my butt off to prove to people I am not like my mother... and keep this place ship shape most of the time... but you take one day off, and its a disaster.

Next week, my MIL and FIL are taking the two oldest boys to the beach.  I am going to miss them, and I am kinda disappointed me and DH can't go... but, I am glad they can.  I hope they have a lot of fun.  I really don't like them travelling so far away without me. I stay super worried until they call me after they get there. But, it'll give me a chance to use my spa day, and leave Rayne with my DH a few hours so I can get out and take some photos.  And, I'll get a chance to take some laundry to the dry cleaners, and I may take a basket or two to the laundry mat to get ahead... I am so behind on laudry right now... our central heat and air has been messing up... it froze, and when we thawed it out, it got over several baskets of laundry I had left in the floor.

 Last night was terrible.  Not one person in this house got a good night sleep.  So, as a result, the kids were ill all day, we had several melt downs with both Emma and Bryce.  Luckily, I got to sneak in a 30 min. nap cuz all the kids fell asleep around noon for a little while.  We didn't get to sleep long, though... it seems like people always want to call while you are trying to rest. 

Well, now I am going to try to hit the sack.  I may have a bicardi tucked away in the fridge somewhere... since all the kids are out, I am going to drink it, and see if it relaxes me a little, and helps my legs to stop aching so I can sleep.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 1:36 AM sounds like the flu to me.........just drinks loads of water and TRY to relax........when i have a fever, my legs ache too.......don't sweat it girl...ur probably just doing tooooo  much.

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