Yes! I read as a child. I read so much that I wanted to become a writer of children's books. I didn't become a writer, but I still love to read and I love to write short stories. I do have favorite fictional characters . . .The Wakefield Twins (Elizabeth and Jessica) from the Sweet Valley Twins and Sweet Valley High series. I loved these characters so much that I wanted to name my child Savannah Elizabeth after one of the twins, but my husband opposed to the name based on it's length! If we ever have another daughter, I'm going to name her Lily Elizabeth . . .not as long! I have recently been re-reading these books as I am about to become a teacher and I want to be able to converse with my students about series books that they read vs. series books that I read as a child. I hope to pass this look of reading onto my daughter. I think my husband and I are already doing that simply by reading bedtime stories to her. Also by encouraging her to choose her own books. She already wants to know if she can read my Sweet Valley Twins books when I'm done with them . . .keep in mind, she's only 4 years old!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 2:56 AM Sweet Valley High has been revamped, just to let you know. They have been modernized and now Jessica and Elizabeth have cell phones. lol

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