Summer is a time for lots of great events-weddings, graduations and outdoor parties.  Who has time to re-touch their make-up every few hours!?  Here are some tips to help anyone 'keep their cool' with make-up this summer.

Outdoor Make-up Tips:

Use the appropriate number of products-a bronzer, stay on lip color, and waterproof mascara creates a great look.

Dont use too much product-this can keep your make-up from 'melting'.

Keep Facial Blotting Tissues (tea tree oil blotting tissues $10.00/pack of 2) with you for touch ups anytime.

Wedding or Graduation Make-up Tips:

Avoid shaping your eyebrows or using 'special' products on your special day, like masks, peels and serums.  Instead of a 'glow', you could end up with redness, irritation and breakout.


Apply your normal foundation. Use Lightening Touch (lightweight moisturizing cover up $14.00/.08 oz) to brighten up and lift for pictures.  Apply under eyes on dark places, and anywhere you feel you have shadowing.

Powder is a must on this day!  Set foundation and concealer with loose powder and a Face & Body Brush.

For a just-blushed look, use a bronzer and a blusher on your cheeks. Swipe Bronzing Powder on the cheekbone, then apply a brighter Cheek Color on the apple of the cheek.



Play up on your eyes!  Use a light Eye Color all over the eye and a dark Eye Color in the crease.  Then add and Eye Shimmer under the eyebrow and under the bottom eyelashes.

For even more definition, use a dark Eye Definer close to the top lashes.  Then use the Eyelash Curler to open up the eyes even more before applying waterproof mascara.

To finish out your eyes, groom your brows with the Brow & Lash Gel (helps define and condition brows and lashes $14.00/ .33 oz) to hold and define your brows in place.



Neutral and pale lipsticks look washed out in the lights of the camera.  Choose a Lip Color that is 1-2 shades brighter or deeper than you normally wear.

For a long lasting application, line and color in lips first with a neutral Lip Liner.  Then use the Lipstick/Concealer Brush to apply the Lip Color

Book an appointment today for help creating your new summer look! Perfect for Proms, graduations and all of the other fun Summer events you are going to!

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