I just wanted to do a little venting.  I think it iscrazy and irresponsibe of  JV Games to realise a game that glorifies such a game.  Young kids have acess to that game and what kind of message is it sending to our young adults.  It's geard as a Frat Party Game, ahven't they paid any attention to number of death contributed to Frat Party drinking!!  This game has also become a competitive sport in Las Vegas.  What's next???  This irresponsibility for the sake of the almight green has got to stop, and that's how I see it.  Who care what danger it might cause as long as there is money involved and it can be marketed to the masses and the companies can wash their hands of fault because after all they are adults and can make the choice, so what does that make it right.   I know some may think I'm on a soap box or Band Wagon but really I'm not I'm just a parent who thinks that some of these things are getting out of hand.  I sure don't want my son to practice such a game just so he'll be an expert when he goes off to college.  Check it out on jvgames.com    beer pong blog section

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