Paloma ate rice cereal today!!! I have had a horrible time tying to get her to take a bottle of breast milk while I am at school. It has been very traumatic! I have searched high and low for those flat nipples and can't find them. So today I went to Kmart and bought rice cereal and a thing of Simulac. I figured that maybe she would try the formula and like it better in a bottle. I will still breast feed until she is at least 12 months.

I have not been a very good mom about the sleep thing. I give in way to early and bring her in to my bed. It is selfish in my part because I love her to be with me. The fact is, she and I don't sleep as well together as we do apart but I am LAZY! Being up every 2 hours makes me loose judgment.

Her hair is almost all gone! She is rather bald. I hope it grows back the same reddish color. So pretty.

I love my baby!!!!!

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