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ok......maybe I just haven't thought them through enough...maybe I am just a bit to dumb...but what is everyone talking about when they use abriviations like PIOG, DD, DH, SS, and such? What do they mean?????????? Can anyone out there please give me the " / english dictionary"? I do not like not knowing what everyone is saying. If someone could enlighten me I would greatly apprieciate it. I am semi-new to and I admit defeat. I have figured out that SO means significant other, but that is it. I feel so stupid. Can anyone out there in cafemom-land help me?????

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 2:11 AM

PIOG--Posted In Other Groups

DD--Dear Daughter

DH--Dear Husband

DS--Dear Son




BM--Birth Mom

Hope this helps!

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