I read all the time when I was little.. I had different faves for different stages in my life, when I was really little I loved these tiny golden books my grandma would read to me at bedtime called "Dog Goes to Preschool" and "Dog goes to the Store" and a few others.. they were nothing special I just loved the pictures and the fact that Grandma always read those ones. I still have them and read them to my boys. When I got older I remember loving Amelia Bedilia books and I even dressed up like her in a costume my Grandma made me for Storybook day at school..lol. When I was in like 6-7 grade I was hooked on all the Little House on The Prarie books and those were by far my favorites.. I totally wanted to be Laura Ingalls and when I would play in our horse pasture with my cousins I would always imagine I was her and we were living in the pioneer days. I think my ALL TIME favorite kids book is Where The Wild Things Are.. I daydream about being Max in that overgrown jungle room everytime I read it. I even begged my Mom to let me train vines to grow all around my room one time so I could have  aroom like that. "Let the wild rumpus begin"!!! That should be engraved onto a plaque and hung over my frontdoor so you know what you're getting into everytime you knock! LOL

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 12:14 PM I can't remember wanting to be any specific character from a book when I was little... but when I read Harry Potter (I was like 19) I REALLY wanted to go to Hogwarts!! :)

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