faster than I want!!!

Today was her first day of preschool, but I was able to stay with her while she got acquainted with her teacher and the other kids. a different story.  I'm just supposed to drop her off and be on my way.  I'm already a wreck thinking about it.

Since Brooke was born, there's not been a day that I haven't had her with me for more than a few hours.  I would go in to work every now and then b/c I'm mostly able to work from home, but even on those days, my husband would stay home with her.  So she's always been with us.

Well, now that she's in preschool, we're both back to being in the office full time.  As much as I'll love being in the thick of it again, I'm going to miss my baby girl even more.  I was given all these pamphlets on "letting go" and "saying goodbye" - well, darn it, I'm not ready to.  I've known this day was coming for the past 2 months, but nothing could've prepared me for the emotion I feel now.

Tomorrow is going to drag on - better believe that when 3pm comes around, I'll be there ready to pick her up.  I hope she'll be okay, she seemed to do fine today.  I don't know how anyone gets through these first days of school!!!! Any advice or suggestions will help!!!!  The school director said we can call to check on her throughout the day and I probably will once or twice.  It seems like just yesterday she was this little itty-bitty baby, so dependent and in need.  Now, for the first time, I'll have to watch her become a big school kid.  And, knowing her, she'll be the one saying "Bye Mommy!" wave and not look back to see if I'm still there - too much going on, of course.

Everybody's said that after the first week or so, she'll start to remember and realize that preschool is the place where we leave her during the day and "it'll get worse before it gets better." My Brookey is so independent, though, that I wonder.....guess we'll have to see...for now, I'm torn between the sadness and the happiness of watching her grow.  She'll always be my baby...


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