Since last update Terry has started TAFE at Goulburn every Thursday. Bit of a drive but at least he's happy to be learning something!!

Tyler has had us VERY worried over the past couple of weeks with lots of whinginess, moodiness, high temps, sore arms/ legs & tummy pains & also been off his food a bit (I even think he looks as though he's lost a little weight). As if we weren't anxious enough lately this has all made things that bit more stressful. I managed to get an appointment with the naturopath last Wednesday (28th May) who believes that Tyler is just suffering from side effects of the immunisations he had a couple of weeks ago. This made sense to me as his symptoms were quite 'flu like' (apart from the tummy pains) & he did get the 2nd part of the flu vax. She also said that there are things like aluminium & mercury in the injections that could be causing the moodiness & that tummy pains were most likely part of it too. Although I don't fully understand how her tests work or detect things, I did feel a little better after visiting her especially as she said Neuroblastoma didn't show up. I SO hope that she's right!!!

Just to double-check things, I also took him to see Dr J (our VERY trustworthy doc who initially diagnosed Tyler). By this time his temp was up to 39.4 (I held off on the panadol till just before we saw him). He gave Tyler a very thorough check & believes that he is just fighting off some sort of bug & that it was nothing to worry about as its good that his immune system is working. By the time we left the doctors Tyler had made a remarkable recovery. Don't know if it's the magical panadol, the jelly beans or just seeing the doc but it was great to see him feeling so much better.

On the Thursday I had an anti-natal visit at the hospital but was made a little late by poor Tyler who had a small case of the runs. It was an interesting trip to the hospital though with a side of the road pit-stop on the way!! At least this eased the tummy pains & gave us another explanation for them.

Later Thursday afternoon Vince took Tyler, mum & I to meet with the ladies from his mums prayer group. They are very lovely ladies & we are very grateful that they all care so deeply for Tyler to pray for him every week. Thank you all for your prayers & well wishes for Tyler & our family.

Ash went on a Camp Quality sports camp to Sydney over the weekend & was very excited to meet Benji Marshall (she is a BIG Tigers fan!). She had a fun time but is quite exhausted.

That's about all there is to update at the moment. Tyler has still been complaining of tummy pains which despite all the other excuses we've been using is still very worrying. We're doing our best to try to stay calm for our trip to Sydney but it's starting to get hard now. I just want it over with & I want to know that everything will be ok. Lot's of people have said to me lately that there's no point in stressing, that what will be will be & although I know they mean well, it's easier said than done. Only if you've been through this with your own child can you truly understand what's at stake with these tests or just how easy your life can be thrown into complete turmoil. I know I always say it but it's a different world that we are in now & have been since Tyler was initially diagnosed. That will never change & we can only try to adapt to that life. We NEED to get through these tests (with good news) so that we can get through the next 3 months of our lives, so we can look forward to a new baby in August etc. Life for us (as with so many other 'cancer families') is living between scans - or the old 'day by day' routine.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 4:06 AM You have every right to be stressed, but don't let it take you over. Tyler needs you to be strong & so does the rest of your family. I hope the test results are great. (((HUGS)))

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 9:35 AM when i read this i ran the gammit of happiness and sadness....As i've 'gotten to know you' even through cyberspce.....I know you are a remarkable strong mom and dad...........being stressed is normal...tyler isn't my son, I've never met Tyler, but i can tell you...I'm stressed......I can only imagine or pretend to imagine what you are going through.  As I told you before...I feel extrememly close to you and him and pray everyday that the worrying CAN stop....But who doesn't worry......What will be will be is NOTHING i would say.........because it simply isn't true esp w/ Cancer...........I absolutely hate that word and I hate that childhhood is attached to it..........It's a monster we have to slay...........and you all are doing it............I would worry too if ty was losing weight and was cranky and his belly hurt......I'm worried and I don't even 'know' our house he is our hero !!!  and you are too.......Please keep me updated............I love this little boy...i feel that I was meant to know him and one day I hope to meet you all in i can give him a real hug instead of a cyber hug......(((hugs))) and more (((((hugs)))))

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:15 AM Saying a all will be in our thoughts!

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