Gone even more  Monday, June 02, 2008

RJ called me tonight from his phone to tell me from now on he will be getting home at 11 instead of 10.

Apparently Chick-fil-a now cleses at 10 again instead of 9 and it takes about an hour to clean up. and thats if everyone is doing what they are supposed too. I barely get to see him now as it is. Now he has to work an extra hour everyday. I really want to get a job and help him out but I cant. I mean who will hire someone who is 8 1/2 months pregnant? NO ONE...thats the answer.

I am so sad right now. I cant wait to get my GED so that I can get a good job and all that jazz. I was supposed to go register for the classes today but because the air conditioner broke we had to wait on the people to come fix it and it wasnt fixed until late this evening so it was too late to go register today. I AM GOING TOMORROW DAMN IT!!!!


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