1,2,3 Days Old is a precious song I first heard when my best friend Brigid's daughter Molly was born. (from the album "You are My Flower"). Her ever witty and... okay, I'll say it, SARCASTIC husband Eric made the most sweet and adorable video of Molly's first days on Earth. From the first time I heard Elizabeth Mitchell's voice it struck a chord within me... in the most literal sense of my words.

I was a unique toy store in historic Oak Park this weekend with little "Jay-Bird" called Gepetto's Toy Box. I finally found the elusive, but highly sought after Elizabeth Mitchell collection of c.d's....

Music has always been an important part of my life and I will never forget the old folk songs my own mom sang to me when I was a kid.

The awesome thing about Gepetto's is that nothing in their store requires batteries! This weekend I picked up a box of old fashioned Pick-Up Sticks.... the kids have been loving on those for 2 days now. (no fights!)

You know the expression... everything old is new again? Try it out on your kids this weekend. Life doesn't have to be bigger, better, faster, more. Bring back a classic for your kids this week as school gets out!

In the meantime enjoy the new music on my page from Elizabeth Mitchell. If you like her, you will probably also enjoy Ralph's World by Ralph Colvert, who's actually from Chicago.

Children's American Folk music tells the story of American history through the eyes of a child. I remember singing these songs with my kindergarten teacher back in 1979 at Fullerton Elementary School with my teacher Mrs. Hall. That was back when we had a piano in our classroom, and circle time consisted of our teacher playing the piano and teaching us songs. (okay, saying that just made me feel really old!)

Check out Elizabeth's c.d's and her beautiful voice. My personal favorite is "Here come's my baby" from her album titled, You Are My Sunshine. I sang it to Jason as he fell asleep in his crib tonight... and he quickly fell asleep.



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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:11 AM Got to go check that out.  My kid's love Ralph's World!!!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 5:26 PM Gonna go check it out....I was just thinkin bout you again as I cleaned out some pooped in panties in the toilet!!!!! LOL Don't you love the times I think about you? Love you girl.

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 2:23 PM

My kids love all the older stuff. I have found that the more simple the toy, the happier my kids are. Even with cartoons. My kids love the older stuff (Flinstones and Tom & Jerry). The more modern the cartoon movies get, the harder it is to get them to watch it.

I will have to check out the music. I love music.

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