I have done some silly things that only an air head can come up with, I'l tell you my favorite just as stupid as they come. feel free to share yours if you have one.. here it goes::.>>. I'm 17 at the time and helping a friend clean up the pool's bathroom, her brothers used it mostly so you can figure how gross it was. , it was girls swim party that night and we had to have a clean bathroom,  well it stunk and I saw no cleaning supplies, so I asked the mother for something to get rid of the smell and clean the toilet.. get this!!  she hands me "MATCHES" and tells me to lite them in the bathroom to get rid of the oder,  soooooooo! like an airhead there I am with a lit match holding it over the toilet!! thinking to my self how is a burning match supposed to clean this????????? then IT donned on me!! she thought I was talking about the smell after someone had used the toilet..!! "OH! MY GOSH!!! I FELT SO STUPID "!! standing there with that lit match leaning over a toilet!! thank goodness no one saw me,  now 24 yrs later I can really laugh at myself and share it, !!!!! LOL out LOUD!!!!!!!

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