Its funny to look and take in the fact that only a fraction of mankind has moved out of the Dark Ages. Walking around in todays "advanced" society there are still people that entrust their wealth to stargazers and their health to "miracle pills" and witch doctors. These "knowledgable" people, with their noses in the air, sit on big planes zooming through the stratosphere miles above the earth clutching the "magical" amulets on their necks. Hotels boast about how they have express elevators, HBO, and telephones in every room. These same hotels omit the number 13 from all floors and room numbers to keep its guests at ease. Like the room or floor 13 just magically isn't there if you don't lable it on the door or floor button. You might as well just put your hands over your eyes when you walk by. If you cant see it its not there right?

That beings me to numbers... 3... 7... 9... still apparently magic and exercise their curous tyranny over our minds. We are told that our body completly renews itself every 7 years. There are 7 seas. 7 ages. The statute of limitations is up after 7 years. 21 is the age of "maturity". Who decided that anyway? Is there some physical evidence that we somehow change from the maturity of a child to the maturity of an adult the day we turn 21?

We think we are so advanced and that we know so much. Then we are blown away when a strange fish is pulled onto the deck of a ship in South Africa and bights the captain in 1938. Whats really shocking about this fish is that it was supposed to be extinct 50 million years ago. There is was though. Straight out of the Mezazoic period alive and biting. Kinda makes you think differently when you step into a museum.

Anyway, that was what was on my mind tonight.

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