Leaving in a few for the surgery on the baby's ears. I am so nervous i wish it were already over. He has been awak e since two this morning puking and feeling all crappy. We were concerned that he may get dehydrated and stuff, but so far no signs of it, and we are prayful that he wont in the next bit. They will give him fluids at the hosptial before they put him to sleep, so he should be okay. I remember hte last few times he was dehydrated and it was horrid. The poor thing was so limp and hooked up to IV's with fluids pumping into him. HE was so tiny then. We havent had to deal with that since he was just a month old.

I cannot belive in my heart of hearts he is almost eight months. IT has been a trying time thus far, but things are actually looking up for him. Hopefully his ears will get fixed and the hearing aids will help him to hear betters. I would love to see him continue to grow and communicate like a normal child. 

Well i must go and finish getting things together and stuff. Wish us luck and keep our angel in your prayers 

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