One thing I can't understand is when u do something for family & when
it's ur turn they take there own sweet time doing a favor for you.. I
went to Miami and left two items @ my cousin's house, a baby phat
cover all for my bathing suit & my son's sneakers that are fairly
new... Now the coverall I left because after I went to the beach she
washed it after I told her not to cause it's just 1 thing so ok fine
she did it anyway... my son's sneakers was left because he wanted to
be like his cousins and put his shoes up on the rack and we forgot
that they were up there... So now I called my cousin TWO WEEKS ago
and she said she would mail them so ok I took the initiative to send
her $10 in case she had to wait till she get paid... She only live 4
hours away I still haven't gotten the items and I don't think I have
to keep calling to find out if she mailed them off or not... Last
week she told me she was mailing them on Tues because the P.O was
closed cuz of Memorial Day... I haven't gotten them yet & it
shouldn't take this long for me to get it! Do I have to call to find
out if she mailed them again? She sounded a little tude-ish when I
told her that she had to mail them back I am thinking maybe she
thought I was gonna tell her to keep it cause we wear the same size
and so does my son & 1 of her sons... NO I just bought both items
NO... Funny thing is when she needs clothes and I give her mad
clothes I don't want I am on the job in sending them to her @ MY
EXPENSE. I hate when I have to follow behind someone to keep their
word I regret leaving anything down there cause now I have to wait
till SHE has time to take her ass to the post office even tho I sent
her the $10 which I know is not going to cost that much to mail it!

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 1:56 PM Sounds like it would be better to stay at a hotel next time! You would have your own space and if ya left something behind they would contact ya,  without the family quarrels!!!

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