I read every book in my age group in our small town library then moved on to the older books.  I mean I read everything even the "boy" books.  There was love stories, biography, sports, westerns, magazines you name it; if it was in the library I read it. 

If you ask my brothers what is the one thing they remember most about me they will say, "She always had her nose in a book."  When I was in high school I would read three books a day, what can I say I had no life.

When I wasn't reading my mom was reading to us.  We didn't have a T.V. but we didn't miss it.  We would all gather in the front room, making sure she was comfortable, and she would read aloud to us for hours.  I remember she would always have a cup of coffee and a glass of ice water; when she ran out we would get her refills so she wouldn't quit.  She brought Tarzan alive with her voice in a way the movies just can't touch.

My favorite fictional character from childhood was 'Cherry Ames'.  She was a nurse and held jobs in different locations.  My favorite was whenever she would be in the army, it just seemed more exciting.  Her birthday fell on Christmas day and she had to have a birthday party as well as celebrating Christmas. She wasn't greeding though and expected only one gift but it had to include two items, as in a pair of gloves or a hat and scarf. No matter how many of her books I read she never got older even though she had a birthday in each one.

I have passed the love of reading to my sons.  When they were little I used to turn out all the lights with a small one on by my chair and read the "Cat Who' books to them.  My youngest son, who totally hated reading, picked up the first Harry Potter book and was hooked; now, like me, he always has a book at hand.

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