I wish that summer times was as exciting now as it was when I was a kid.  I wish that the sound of the icecream man still brought that rush of joy.  I wish that I could spend the entire day in the pool and never get cold. (Or at least that is what I used to tell my mom when she would tell me I was turning blue.)  I wish I still found the thought of orange "pop" thrilling.  I wish I knew where a drive-in theather was.  I wish I didn't think about the carb count of potatoe salad like when I was a kid.  I wish when I walked through the frozen food section I could get so cold "I'm freezin' to death" like when I was a kid.  I wish I had the time to lay on the grass and see cloud animals.  I wish I still loved potatoe chips dipped in red Kool-aide.  I wish I could still climb a tree and not think about what happens if I fell. 

But I'm not a kid anymore.  Now I've got responabilities and decisions to make.  Now I have to make the dinners and chose healthy snacks.  So now the icecream truck annoys me because they don't move on and there is only a certain amount of times I can hear "Pop-eye the sailor man"  before I want to rip my ears off.  But I am loved more than I ever thought I could be, by a man who adores me.  I can buy a puppy if I want to (We did, now I think I was crazy) I get to dream about getting our BFP and having our child.  But Best of all... when I have my baby, I get to watch him or her find the same joy in summer time things like I did when I was a kid.    I can't wait!

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