Here's how it works: Someone writes a blog with seven weird/random facts about him/herself. Then, at the end of the blog, he/she tags seven people by listing their names. These people then need to write their own blogs with seven facts about themselves and these rules stated clearly. It is also required that you leave a comment on the new tag-ee's pages, telling them they have been tagged and that they should read your blog.

1. I only enjoy breakfast in the morning once in a MULTICOLORED moon! LOL. I would much rather have pizza, hotdogs, chicken, etc. If I do eat breakfast food, I would rather eat it during the day, but those times come very seldomly as well.

2.  I never thought I could have kids, I always planned on adopting when the time was right. And now look at me! Yay =)

3.  I LOVE buttered popcorn jellybelly beans [mixed in with pinacolada ones]. My boyfriend refills me a lb bag everytime I run out. It always lasts me a while, im not too big on sweets, but I can enjoy these to the fullest!

4.  I LOVE to scrapbook/take photos. I can do it for hours on end. If I have the supplies and the time, I could sit and do it all day. I've never taken any classes in it, but I would love to.

5.  I am a big fan of the beach. It's so relaxing. Day or night. I love to just sit in the sand and watch the ocean.

6.  I am a BIG dork. Really.. LOL. But I love it.

7.  I love to tell corny jokes. If I can remember it, im all on it! LOL. I just LOVE to make people laugh =))


Eh, you're all tagged.  Get to it! 

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