Ugh.Its raining here this morning again!! We went on a dry spell, now we getting too much. To make matters worse, it hasnt been all that warm here either. Every month we have been below normal temps. Its June now, and we've only hit 80 twice maybe. Kids want to put up our pool, maybe later this between wind, rain, hail, etc..LOL

Yes, we want summer to be here. The hot weather can come here, tired of 60 degree weather. We still might have a windchill going.Ugh. Michael has been bugging me to go fishing, he keeps telling me to buy a fishing license. Hopefully soon we will go fishing. This weather is just so frustrating, cool, wet...hard for anyone to get anything done. It has been one of the worst springs here in MN in a long time.

They say by the weekend its gonna be in the low 80's. We'll see about that. If anyone has any heat to send this way, I'd appreciate it!! LOL


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