Ihave to admit I did not read that much at all and still dont read. to be 100% honest i am too busy and everytime i try to get in a book i will jump right into it and then i will get into other stuff and go with out reading it for a few weeks. i think when i was 12-14 i went through this weird thing and decided to start reading and spent sooooo many summer days at the library. i cant remember reading and wanting to be someone, but some of my favorites were the judy blume books, I can not rememebr for the life of me what the one book i read was called by her. I read it like 4 times though. I think I related so much to that book at that time in my life.

There is a book I want to read and have wanted to read for like a year since it came out. it is called "The Quickie".

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