DH called our attorney yesterday and left a messege asking if he has heard anything from my SKIDS BM's side about this whole child support case we're about to get into and about 2 hours later, the attorney's secretary, Maylee called DH back and informed him that BM has an attorney down here in Florida now.
So I guess that means we'll be in court sometime in July, but I'm not sure how this whole thing is going to move along.
The situation right now is, DH and I got an attorney to move custody jurisdiction from North Carolina down here to Florida and if shes didn't respond before the 7th of this month then jurisdiction would be moved automatically, but since she got an attorney and responded, now she can contest it...she won't get anywhere w/ that, but that's her legal right.
Once the jurisdiction part is settled, then we move on to the child support where she also stands no chance of coming out unscathed.
I can't wait till this whole thing is done w/.

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