I am a new mom (sorta lol)  my lil girl is 16 months old and yesterday she decided to say "I poo~poo" after a few minutes i checked and she sure enough had......is that a sign to start potty training???  another question is when do u take them off the bottle and how???  she will not drink milk out of anything but a bottle and i try not to give her a bottle until shes ready to go to sleep because she thinks she has to have one what do i do??

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 7:43 AM

If she is starting to be aware of her body functions then I would start introducing the potty to her in a light fun way since she is young... Its the being aware of the sensation of needing to go that they really need and if she is starting to become aware....I think the "Potty Books" not sure the name but they have girl/boy specific are a great way to introduce the potty..

 as for bottle, my 2 were weaned off bottle by 1 year (or so)...not so much because I wanted it but my son turned year and said NO! everytime I tried bottle...he loved sippy cups, my dd was off not long after because big brother told her it was icky...


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Jun. 3, 2008 at 7:46 AM try and give her a tippy cup for instance if she has a fave. cartoon like dora get a dora tippy and let her know that big girls drink out of these! Also when you giver her a bottle try putting only water in it that way there wont be any taste in it ,and she will eventually will get the idea (if I want milk or juice etc,) i have to use the tippy! I realize itis harder then it sounds and alot of drama on the childs part but just work through it and have patience it all work out!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 7:55 AM

The bottle should be weaned at one year of age. If you haven't done so now, do so. Get the child involved. Tell her she has to give the bottles up to a baby. Have her put them in a box, and you tape the box up and then 'pretend' to mail the box to a baby that needs bottles.   This finalizes bottles for the child. Once given a good reason, once participating in ridding the house of them, she will know that they are for babies and are not in the house and will stop asking for them.

Potty training. -it takes a lot of patience and is a total independent action once fully learned.

First.  She needs to know how to pull her pants down and off and put them back on herself. If she can't do this, this is the first step to practice.

Second.  Does she know WET from DRY?  Its a concept that is learned. So play wet and dry games. Like wet a washcloth and have a dry one , put them on a table, say which one is wet?  which one is dry?   talk about wet and dry until your sure she knows this concept.

Third. Can she do multiple tasking?  Can you tell her to go to her room, get you a book, come back to you and put the book on the table?  Potty training is multiple tasking. Getting the order right and doing it each time correctly. 

Fourth. read her potty training books so she can connect the lines in her head....

Fifth..does she wake up dry from naps and the night?  Learning to hold their urine and release is a learned concept.  I raised four girls and potty trained two boys I nanny'd for.   Summertime is a great time to pick to let them run around outside naked. (we have a fairly private lot)  And when I saw them start to pee I would tell them that is what was happening and ask them to stop and sit on the potty chair....if they couldn't stop peeing, I knew they had no control yet and needed to wait until they had control. But letting them run around naked and when they did realize they were peeing, they became more aware of what I was trying to teach them and learned to stop peeing and run to the chair to finish.

Then when she is two or older try to start potty training....before that if she can't perform the above tasks, she won'[t train.

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Jun. 4, 2008 at 8:51 AM

Thanks so much for all the comments so far.   Like I said this is our first child and we are fairly young both at 24 y/o.  Alot of times we take things as she gives them to us for instance......now at night when she is ready for bed she tells us "night, night"  and goes to her bed.  So I am definitly willing to take all into consideration




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