Yes, I was an avid reader as a child.  Some of my best memories were of grabbing a book and landing square on my daddy's lap as soon as he got home from work so I could read to him.  It didn't matter what the book was, I just wanted to read to him.  Later, I would absorb as many books as possible.  My all time favorite book as a child was Matilda--it was a book about a cat, Matilda, that had kittens.  It is a story about their life with the little girl of the house.  It was very cute.  I used to read it to my cat!!  I'm still not sure she cared all that much...LOL!!

When I got a bit older, I started reading this series of books where the main character was a girl named Meg.  She had similar escapades as Nancy Drew (which I also read) but I really like Meg better.  If I had to pick a character that I wanted to be or be like, it would have been Meg.

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