Good day my friends and family. Today I wanted to share something very special and uplifting. Take this and think about it. Think about your life and some things perhaps you need to work on. Remember that we all have made mistakes and we can either learn from them and keep pushing forward or we can stay where we are wondering why you don't have a great life. Remember that this life doesn't just belong to me but belongs to all of you. This is God's gift and he has given us what we need but it is our choice to follow it or ignore it.

Can you imagine what life would be like if everyone chose happiness over anger?

Can you imagine what life would be like if everyone chose laughter over frustration and sadness?

Can you imagine what life would be like if everyone chose joy instead of pain and anxiety?

Can you imagine what life would be like if everyone chose love instead of hate?

Can you imagine what life would be like to love your neighbors and make new friends?

Can you imagine what life would be like to follow faith instead of the world?

If we refuse to follow what the world tells us we should be and work on what God wants us to be then life just gets better. All it takes is faith and understanding. The closer you become to faith in the Lord the better things get. Yes you will still have troubles coming your way but you will look to God instead of others for guidance. You will make amazing friends and learn to laugh more than you cry. You will learn to be patient and not rush things. You will learn to live life to the fullest.

I remember that i was so confused when I was younger and looked to a man and others to help me find what I was missing. I was so miserable and unhappy and felt ashamed of my mistakes. I am no longer that way because I made a choice. I chose to be happy and put my faith in God. I am not bound to what I use to be. I am no longer judged on my past and for those who do judge I simple turn the other cheek. I am so happy with my life and things are getting better by the day. It is not because of me but because of God and the relationship I have with him. I can not take full credit for my success because that is wrong. I give thanks and praise to the Lord for giving me a chance to prove how much I love him and how much he has helped me.

I love each and every one of you even those who I have not met. I want you to have this too and you can but it is all up to you and what you decide. I want you to experience the amazing life that is set before you and be thankful each and every day for what you have. Be blessed and give thanks for the simple things not just the big things. Be glad you woke up this morning and you are alive. Be glad that you have friends who care about you.

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