So, Phillip has been saying that he wanted a goat (pet lawnmower) for awhile now due to our large backyard. Well I decided to look into it and research what it really took to have a goat and it turns out they are WAY easier and WAY cheaper then any other pet (besides maybe fish). I determined that we would need 2 goats because they like being in pairs and would be lonely by themselves. I also discovered that the best goat for us would be a wether which is a castrated male. They don’t stink and they are sweet. Also, you can have the horns burned as babies and they will never grow. With all this information we decided to go and check out a local pygmy goat breeder in our area. He introduced himself as Farmer Phil and he knows EVERYTHING about goats! Now everyone knows how scared my kids are of dogs but they LOVED the goats and went right up to them petting them and playing with them. Well, long story short we picked out 2 goats yesterday one is all black and was born on May 2nd and the other is all white and was born just last Thursday! They both have to stay at the farm a little while longer with their mommies but in about 6 weeks we will have 2 new kids at the house! We can’t wait!

Name suggestions would be appreciated, it is ultimately up to the kids (Brock) but he needs some choices! I think we are going to name the Black one Marley, but as of last night the white ones name is speed racer…..

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