Here's how it works: Someone writes a blog with seven weird/random facts about him/herself. Then, at the end of the blog, he/she tags seven people by listing their names. These people then need to write their own blogs with seven facts about themselves and these rules stated clearly. It is also required that you leave a comment on the new tag-ee's pages, telling them they have been tagged and that they should read your blog.

I am trying not to duplicate from the previous tag, so here are some weird random facts about me.

1.)  I have lived in the same small college town my whole life.

2.) I haven't been on a trip since I was 3 months pregnant with my son in 2001.

3.) I can make 1 and 3 rolls with my tongue. I never could master 2. lol.

4.) I am a little OCD. I hate germs and I refuse to touch door knobs etc after I have washed my hands.

5.) I've always wanted to be a say-at-home mom. However, I didn't marry for money. lol. I have been working full-time since I graduated high school in 1997.

6.) I am terrified of snakes and tornadoes! I have nightmares about them often.

7.) I love spring and fall and I hate hot and cold weather. I live in the wrong state!


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Jun. 9, 2008 at 3:10 PM

#1: All the cabinets in my kitchen must be fully closed or I feel like things are untidy;p

#2: I cry whenever I hear live opera or orchestra

#3: I sing when I clean, shower, and sometimes when my sonny-poo and I are playing outside. I sing, "These are a few of my favorite things", by Julie Andrews all the time,lol;p

#4: I want to write a novel but right now I am too self absorbed with having children:) the novel will have to wait a few more yrs:)

#5: Made a speech for my high school National Honors Society in which my teacher, and the head of the NHS, called the best speech he had ever heard:) I'll never forget that!

#6: All my fingers are double jointed, They can do what is called "the witches claw";p

#7: I don't know why, but people find me very easy to talk to. Everyone opens up like a book! I must give out that air of, "no judgement here".

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