bent has been puking and pooping uncontrollably for 5 days, that i can deal with. what i can't deal with is when he pees one time in 36 hours. i had been force feeding him liquids still no pee. so yesterday i panic and take him to the hospital. he had just cried all day and peed once (again in 36 hours!!) so chase rushes home from work to meet us and all the sudden bent turns into a crack head, jumping, playing, smiling, he even peed. i tell the nurse in triage "we are just going to go home" to which she says " you don't want to just wait i mean this is your child" great thanks for the guilt trip we will just stay. so we wait...and wait...and wait. the dr finally comes to look at b tells me he is fine and we can go. he is not as dehydrated as i thought and that i have done a great job...thanks i still feel like an idiot. now chase thinks i am an over reacting hypochondriac but come on now 36 hours is a long time, and he really was sick until we got there. oh well better safe than sorry right. that is what i am going to tell myself when i have to write the check for it.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:29 AM This may be a little late, but when my boys had something similar I gave them just a teaspoon of water (or Pedialyte) about every 20 minutes. It kept them from dehydrating, but it wasn't such a large amount that it would trigger the puker!!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:30 AM

Sounds wonderful!  I've been there....a few times.  You're not alone babe! 

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