Some would think after my last post about a great date night that nothing could possibly be wrong well it can.  Yesterday i went to my job which i havent been since march due to my sons condition and as some of u know my hubby works there too( no its not difficult we work in 2 different areas and we have different shifts so we barely see one another) anyway i needed to see if a schedule change was approved. I had put in for parttime to be able to baance work and my family.  When i get there i go to my hubbys desk and there he was laughing and jiggling with this known trick and i roll up and shes staring like who is this with this kid, so i kiss him on the cheek and shes looking like OMG so i said whats the problem shes like oh umm who are u i said im HIS WIFE problem, shes like "ahhh no i didnt know" didnt want to think some random girl come and kiss him like that", so i was obviously suspicious and pissed.  So i said well the ring on his finger surely coudlve told u that had you cared enough to look.  so she slithered away and he was like do u have to be so mean i was like excuse me fuck that whats ur problem..... so when we got home we had a brief discussion about his antics and the sit and he was acting like a cheating husband and i the untrusting wife with very very very good reason and i havent spoken to him since...... WHO THE FUCK DOES HE THINK HE IS... not to mention there had been some suspect things going on with that particular chick like one day his team was having a pizza party and he was in some type training so the chick volunteers to bring my hubby 2 slices of pizza all the way on the other side of the building where he was in training.... when i came she was sitting next to him all cute like.... then another incidence it was valentines day and we had a system where people could purchase for 1 dollar a balloon with a message and a candy bar and have it delivered to whom ever guess who got one and no name was on it........hmmmmmmmmmm then another time i go to see him on my break and he has a instant message window open chit chatting with this chick soooo im untrusting of him cause he did me dirty 3 yrs ago and so im putting 2 and 2 together so WTF.... dont i have a right to think hes suspect or am i just reading too much into it. im HEATED and of course im the asshole in his eyes for reacting like i did and getting pissed at him who else should i be pissed at her i aint married to her WTF and why do i have to be the bigger one hes the one with the fuck up in this relationship not me should he be the one reassuring me....

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