Ahhh, there's nothing better then choco flavored coffee, dogs that are calm, kid still in bed, and a gentle breeze flowing through the house.  Top that with a pretty storm, and all is good.  My dad is coming by in a while, and for once he actually called first.  Can the day actually continue on this way??  I hope so. 

Last night in the land of the crazy neighbors I got to jump into all the drama.  I went out to have 1 cigarette.  It takes me about 6 minutes to smoke one, when I'm in no hurry.  During this time frame the kids on the block landed a football into my flowers 5 times.  The fifth time I grabbed the football, stretched, and asked "Do you guys really suck that bad at catching a football?"  "My 2 year old can catch better then you!"  They apologized and swore they'd be more careful.  My neighbor and I were chatting when BOOM, the football launched onto the back of her head.  I jumped in before she went all homicidal on them.  "Guys, obviously you play worse then girls, get away from here, go in the street, or find a new hobby."  They took off running.  I was actually proud of my crazy neighbor, she kept her mouth shut.  When they all ran she asked how I could stand up to them without getting all worked up.  Ummm, perhaps because they're kids, and I don't care.  She worries they will retaliate.  I doubt it, these kids are not that smart, retaliation would take effort and time and careful calculation... these turds are not capable of such thought process.  And for what reason would they have to be upset???  Um, cause we asked them not to play football in our flowers, and not to use her body as a goal???  Explain that to the cops.  Next time perhaps I'll just bring one of my doggies out to play with them, hehehe... now that would be a good show!  *sighs*

I suppose I should get some things done now.  I'm setting up a tiny little "craft" area in my room out of the reach of a toddler's grasp.  Hopefully with this new job I soon will be able to get myself a sewing machine... this is my goal, and yes I'm proud to be a dork. 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 8:48 AM I think dorks are cool.

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 10:47 AM I am a dork too.  We should band up!

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 5:48 PM dorks rock!

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