I really wish I could go smack my neighbors.. I am writing a complaint today at least on this...

Yesterday I went to run errands and am carrying diapers, groceries etc in, and the nieghbors across the hall and next door to me are all hanging out on the front stoop of the apartment building like it is their front porch.  They hardly even move to give me room to get by their ghetto asses as I am making multiple trips into the house. 

I was using my mother's car, and she called and asked me to run an errand for her... so I go to leave.  At this point the group of people decided to sit in a row completely blocking the exit to the building... and NONE OF THEM would F-ing move!  So I had to "leap" over them, but one of them had their house phone on the next step down, so I had to leap over a couple of extra steps as well.. and landed on my ankle sideways.

It hurts so freaking bad.  I cannot stand these people.

But on a brighter note, our ghetto ass neighbor who blasts music constantly usually during our kids naps has stopped!  We called the cops on her a week or so ago, the music was SO loud we could not hear ourselves think and the bass was making the kids beds rattle.  This is the neighbor who when we first moved in I asked her nicely to stop playing the music so loudly during my kids naps, and she decided it would be a better idea for her to blast the music on purpose every day at that time.

I really feel bad for these people's kids.  These people have no respect for themselves, their own kids, or anyone else.  And sadly more then likely their kids will be just as ignorant as they are.

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