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As I watch the news, it pisses me off....No one can seem to make up their minds on whose suppose to be the democratic forerunner. And those states that have, have Super-delegates that change the states votes for someone else.  Which to me, shows that our votes really don't count for shit. Why is this race so hard? If we don't vote for Clinton we're sexist, ifwe don't vote for Obama, we're racist. And if you vote for McCain, your stupid. I don't understand it. I, personally, am voting for someone else entirely. I don't like the republican, or either of the Dems. And honestly, I believe there will be another civil war if a dem wins, doesn't matter which one, cause we're either racist or sexist. So thankfully, I have my 20 gauge ready to protect my cookies with. This has turned into the election from hell already. I don't believe we are ready for a female president, and I really don't think we're ready for Obama Either. But thats me....Living in the south, listening to other people talk

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