So here gos.. Back before Christmas there was a add in are local town paper someone was looking for a Baby Sitter. So i call the number left a messages and my home phone number. Didnt hear from this Add till late Friday evening. I was siting here and the ring and there was this (((Lady))) on the other end trying to talk to and chase a 18month old around. She ask me if i had answer a add back before Christmas and i said yes,but i had forgot all about this. A lot as went on in my life.So anyways we start talking on the phone with each other. And she ask me if i would like to do some Baby Siting for them. They work out of their home.And she is geting ready to have a new (((Baby))) in just a few weeks. So why we was on the phone with each other i ask her where she live she said in town and she ask me if i new where this house is and i said ((((Yes))) for my (((Mother))) use to stay with this Lady that own this house about 6years ago.Ok she said. Than she ask me if i was a Morning prerson and i am. She said (((Great))).. She tell me to be there by 9:00am for the baby should be up by than. I said ((Great)) see you in the Morning. Ok im up by 7:00am get my coffee on and take a shower out the door before 9:00am. It take just a few minutes to get to her home from mine.I was (((Knocking))) on the door before 9:00am.I knock till 9:25am. Know one answer the door so i left and came back to my house.Dont you know she calls here all upset because i had left. So i call her back and she is (((Yelling))) at me way did you leave..Well you didnt come to the door. Now she is real upset asking me where i was and i toll her that i was at my house. Are you comeimg back? And i said her name and i toll her that i could tell me was very upset now.And i said i didnt think it would be a good idea if i did. So i tell her to have a great day.. But she toll me (((((F**K You)))) and hang up on me all before 9:30am..

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 9:21 AM What a bitch. What a terrible experience.  She's crazy.

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