I was shy and books were my best friends.  I devour books and still do.  When I was a pre-teen/young teen I read the Trixie Beldon series and I really wanted to be Trixie.  She was everything I wasnt.  Outgoing, lots of friends, had siblings and solved mysterys. 

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Jun. 3, 2008 at 2:25 PM I, too, was shy as a child and literally lived in books.  I was always the one in class who read, far and away, the most books each quarter.  It's funny, but since graduate school I haven't been able to read.  I'm not kidding, I just can't hardly read anything.  I've managed to read a couple of books by Jon Krakauer (my favorite author), one of which I'd already read at least seven times and the other I'd read one other time, I've read a memoir which I'd previously read, a dog training book by Cesar Milan and another memoir which I had not already read.  That is the extent of my reading in the past two years since I got out of school.  But try as I might, I can't stay interested in anything, and I have tried!!!  It's very discouraging not to be able to read now because so much of my life has revolved around reading that now I don't know what to do with myself.  Must be why I spend so much time on CafeMom!! LOL!!  I'm sure it's burnout left over from school.  So what do you read now?

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